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Forms & FAQs

Attention: If you plan to hire anyone for services/work, (temporary, independent contractor, etc.) you MUST speak to the Department Business Officer PRIOR to any services/work being performed. Not following this procedure results in the department being out of hiring compliance and could result in the individual not being able to be paid for their time.





Independent Contractor:

All New vendors & Vendor Updates

  • Outside Party – Individual Certification Form has always been required and remains in procedure 1218.1.
  • Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form
    • The University now requires payees to receive payments electronically, unless the vendor is a student who does not own a bank account, then a check payment option is available.
  • Vendor Masterfile Record Data Form (HUB Form)
    • The University now requires vendors to document their NC HUB certification as well as any Federal certification of status, as well as their business size, before conducting business with the university.  This form is not required for students, visiting students, employees, affiliates, or study subjects.
  • W-9 Form is still required for domestic vendors.



Human Resources:

Personnel Action Form:


Instructional Information: