Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor

Area of Study: Organizational Communication

Office: 210 Bingham Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11-12PM
Curriculum Vitae







B.A., Sheffield Hallam University, U.K

M.A. and Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the relationships among discourse, power, and organizing. I am particularly interested in processes of control and resistance, and the ways in which this dialectic is discursively produced, maintained, and transformed.  Relatedly, I am interested in exploring the relationship between gender and identity, and examining how processes of organizational control and resistance are tied to gendered organizational identities.  More recently I have become interested in issues of power and identity in the context of post-Fordist organizing processes.  I recently completed a textbook on Organizational Communication, written for an undergraduate audience, and I am currently co-editing the third edition of the Sage Handbook of Organizational Communication.