Alex McVey, current Communication graduate student, was awarded a Graduate Student Summer Research Grant from the Institute of African American Research {IAAR}. On Monday, October 17th, Mcvey will present a lecture based on his summer research at the IAAR Office....
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The UNC Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative {CDHI} recently published a press release and write up on current graduate student Heather Woods, a UNC CDHI graduate fellow. Read the honorary write up about Woods and her CDHI fellowship colleague Brad Erickson here....
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Over the summer, Professor Torin Monahan published an article in The Information Society Volume 32, No. 4. The article was entitled “Built to Lie: Investigating Technologies of Deception, Surveillance, and Control.” Access both the abstract and full article online....
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On July 22nd, Professor Dana Coen gave a talk to Carolina Club members prior to a screening of Jaws, entitled “Courage and Stupidity in the Making of Jaws.” After the movie screening, Professor Coen took time to answer questions about the film....
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Director Robinson provided The Carter Center with engaged scholarship in audio and visual communication within the framework of conflict resolution and peace. Through a technology and research three day workshop, Sept. 7 – 9, participants engaged with the technical aspects of what is seen and heard as well as the artistic and scientific approaches to […]...
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On August 5th, 2016, Find-A-Friend, a community youth intervention program in Fayetteville, North Carolina presented the “My Life Matters” Project Presentation. The youth of Find-A-Friend read poetry, sang, and acted out the short story “The Eagles Who Thought They Were Chickens” as arranged and told by Sonny Kelly.  The “My Life Matters” Project Presentation celebrated […]...
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UNC’s Department of Communication honored Sandra Piller and the legacy of Michael Piller ’70 at their annual UNC-Hollywood Internship reception last month.  Paul Edwards is the Director of The UNC Hollywood Internship Program, an industry immersion experience offered by the department each summer. Working internships at production companies, agencies, studios and related businesses, students apply […]...
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  Renée Alexander Craft, associate professor, Department of Communication and Curriculum in Global Studies, and Pam Lach, then associate director of the Digital Innovation Lab, both at UNC, describe the various elements of their digital humanities collaboration. Read the full article here...
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University of North Carolina Department of Communication graduate students Megan Wood and Heather Woods continue to work hard this summer as they organize an NCA-sponsored event.  The co-organizers created the Networked Online Writing  (NOW) Retreat, a completely free, week-long, asynchronous writing workshop experience that offers it all from the comfort of your home, office, or favorite […]...
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Upcoming Events:

Date: Event Title: Time: Local:
November 4th Department of Communication: Colloquium
“More Than Just Food”
12-2 pm Toy Lounge
4th & 6th
The Process Series: Spoken Justice
The Black Pioneers Project
4th  8:00 pm
6th  3:00 pm
The Sonja Haynes Stone Center
November 10th The Color of Courage 6:00 p.m. The Sonja Haynes Stone Center
November 17th-19th  Performance Series:
Unpack Longview
 TBA Studio 6
Swain Hall
18th & 19th
UNC Writing for the Screen & Stage:
Long Story Shorts One Act Play Festival
8:00 pm Kenan Theatre