Morris Davis Distinguished Professor
Media Studies & Cultural Studies

Distinguished Adjunct Professor of American Studies
Co-Director of the University Program in Cultural Studies

209 Bingham Hall
Curriculum Vitae 


I am from New York, where I attended Stuyvesant High School. I majored in Philosophy and Intellectual History (my advisor was Hayden White) at the University of Rochester. I studied with Stuart Hall at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham England, and then completed my PhD with James Carey at the Unviersity of Illinois. After teaching at Purdue for a year, and Illinois for over twenty, I was hired at UNC- Chapel Hill in 1994 to become the Morris Davis Distinguished Professor, and to help develop cultural studies in the department and as an interdisciplinary program. I have advised well over 50 doctoral students. And I am most proud of the awards I have won not only for my scholarship but for teaching and mentoring, from ICA, NCA, ACS and UNC. I have written about the specificity of cultural studies, developments in contemporary theory, U.S. popular music, youth culture and politics, the changing conditions of children in the U.S., the rise of new forms of conservatism and capitalism, countercultures, value theory, modernity, the state of progressive oppositional struggles in the US and the rise of populist conservatisms. And here I am!


Cultural studies, U.S. Political culture (conjunctures analyses), “Theory” (the history of philosophy, contemporary cultural theory). I am currently working on a critique of the ontological turn (Reality is bad enough, why bother with ontology), and an introduction to Theory (The relations of theory).


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