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2024 Department of Communication Student Award Recipients


Awards List

Special Initiative Award

Presented to Bryce Ross by Torin Monahan

Lucia Morgan Award

Presented to Cris McFarland by Kumi Silva

The NC Television, Inc. Award

Presented to Joey Richards and Dafna Kaufman by Tony Perucci and Sarah Dempsey

John Robert Bittner Fund in Literature, Popular Media, and Journalism

Presented to Courtlyn Pippert by Michael Palm

J. Robert Cox Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship

Presented to Zari Taylor & Will Parton by Kumi Silva

Martha Nell Hardy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching

Presented to Jackie Olson by Michael Palm

Sherrill-Pence Award for Applied/Engaged Communication

Presented to Spirit Elder by Tony Perucci

Jelena Stojakovic & Melody van Lidth de Jeude Award

Presented to Megan Foster by Patricia Parker

John & Tatiana Moore Student Internship Award

Presented to Samantha Lewis , Duncan MacMillan, Bailey Johnson, Corey Henderson, Zenith Jarrett, Sarah Perez, Angel Rodriguez, Kristina Hixson, Mary Slade McKee, Cassian Kraus, Mason Wasik, Xenia Weakly and Meghan Flannery by Tony Perucci

Jim Lampley Award for Excellence in Multimedia

Presented to Lucy Albanil-Rangel, Jasmin Alvarez Martinez and Julia Crume by Joyce Rudinsky

Rick Dees Student Production Award

Presented to Emma Brown, Johnathan Brown, Charles Coleman, Brian Corrigan, Kristina Hixson, Bailey Johnson, Andrew Lam, Duncan MacMillan, Madison Rice, Eric Thorn and Meredith Whitley by Bill Brown

Saint-Hayden Humanitas Award

Presented to Meredith Whitley and Jing Chen by Mike Acosta and Julia Haslett

The Michael Piller Excellence in Screenwriting Award

Presented to Charles Coleman by Michael Acosta

Wallace Ray Peppers Award in Performance of African-American Literature

Presented to Sydney Van Buren by Joseph Megel

Outstanding Achievement in Performance Studies

Presented to Ethan Kim by Joseph Megel

Outstanding Achievement in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Presented to Anastasia Branch by Megan Fitzmaurice

Outstanding Achievement in Rhetoric

Presented to Trent Porter by Kevin Marinelli

Outstanding Achievement in Media & Technology

Presented to Paxton Reese by Torin Monahan

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