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Virtual Reality Intern – Radiation Oncology

May 20, 2024

Company/Organization Name Novant Health Internship Title Virtual Reality Intern – Radiation Oncology Internship Duration 1 year (with possible 6 month extension) Internship Description At Novant Health Radiation Oncology Department, we are embarking on an innovative project to create comprehensive educational … Read more

Commencement Gallery

May 13, 2024

2024 Department of Communication Commencement Gallery Photos by COMM Major Violet Worzella

Rhetoric, Activism and Advocacy

May 3, 2024

Students will develop capacities focused on the role of communication in addressing social, political, economic, technological, and environmental issues both locally and globally. Students will learn how to engage, critique, and create change in/through communication practices based on stakeholder engagement, … Read more

Organization, Communication and Work

May 3, 2024

Students will explore how communicative practices construct cultural understandings of work, both currently and historically, and how work conducted in a range of organizations. Students will develop capacities to use multi-level, multi-method analyses of organizing across work, community, and social … Read more

Media Technology and Public Culture

May 3, 2024

By following this pathway, students will hone their critical digital skills by exploring the myriad ways that technological systems shape social relations and experiences. Students will develop capacities focused on critical understandings of the economic, political, aesthetic, and cultural factors … Read more

Media Arts, Performance, and Creative Practice

May 3, 2024

This pathway brings together a focused depth of study in the craft and aesthetics of artistic practice in Media Art, New Media, and Performance with a focus on the critical interventions the arts, storytelling, performance and media making have on … Read more

Communication and Everyday Life

May 3, 2024

Students will explore the diversity of communicative experiences, practices and processes that permeate our daily lives. Here, the focus is on the practices of everyday life, interpersonal and small group interactions, the ubiquity of our engagement with popular culture, and … Read more

2024 Student Awards

May 1, 2024

2024 Department of Communication Student Award Recipients Gallery Awards List Special Initiative Award Presented to Bryce Ross by Torin Monahan Lucia Morgan Award Presented to Cris McFarland by Kumi Silva The NC Television, Inc. Award Presented to Joey Richards and Dafna … Read more


May 1, 2024

The Department of Communication’s inaugural “COMM Day” Photos by Junior COMM Major Jing Chen

Science Communications Intern

April 19, 2024

Company/Organization Name The Love Consortium Internship Title Science Communications Intern Internship Duration May 2024 – August 2024 Internship Description The Love Consortium is a digitally-connected community of researchers engaged in the advanced scientific study of high-quality social connections. We aspire … Read more