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We’re excited to see all of you eager COMM students ready to take on the semester! Here’s helpful information to get you in the swing of things.


  1. Where is the Department of Communication’s office? Stop by! We’re located on the third floor of Bynum Hall or you can give us a call at (919) 962-2311.

  2. What events are going on in the department? You can find all events for the department here on our events calendar page.

  3. Is the Department of Communication on social media? Yes, follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest in the Communication Department. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  4. Who works in the Department of Communication office? The Department of Communication staff is complete with an admin support associate to assist with various needs, registrar and undergraduate student services manager, graduate student services coordinator, marketing and the department chair.

  5. Where can I find the faculty list? Visit our People page to see a full directory of the faculty and staff in the Department of Communication.


The Department of Communication office staff is excited and ready to help with any administrative needs. Meet the staff:


Avi, Santo, Ph.D, Department Chair

As Department Chair, I oversee all of the academic and administrative aspects of our unit, ensuring that we adhere to University policies while guiding us toward achieving current and future goals. I am the liaison between the Department and the Dean’s Office. I am also the final mediator of student complaints at the department level, once efforts to resolve disputes directly with the instructor and in consultation with either the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Director of Graduate Studies have been made.


Jonah Hodge, Registrar and Student Services Manager

In my role as Registrar, I handle scheduling and other logistical needs for the department. As a Student Services Manager ,I assist students with enrollment for courses, internships, senior honors thesis, independent study sections, the Hollywood Internship Program and in other areas. Students should contact me with any non-academic concerns like grade disputes, scheduling issues or concerns about the major. This year I look forward to establishing an advisory board comprised of COM majors to help guide the opportunities we provide for a greater level of student engagement.


Paige Simpson, Graduate Student Services Coordinator

As the Graduate Student Services Coordinator, I oversee the administrative responsibility of the Graduate Program. Responsibilities include managing the application process, on-boarding incoming student cohorts, providing reminders of deadlines and procedures, course counseling and registration, relaying department and university information and general support for questions. In an interpersonal capacity, I, additionally, support, advocate and liaison for the graduate students within the program.


Cody Loy, Admin Support Associate


Cheers to a successful start of the academic year!

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