Writing for the Screen and Stage Minor

Writing for the Screen and Stage celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the fall of 2013!

We are living in a world in which dramatic content has an increasing effect on our lives.  The minor in Writing for the Screen and Stage is an interdisciplinary program, created in 2003 to draw upon the faculties and resources of the Department of Communication, the Department of Dramatic Art and the Creative Writing Program of the Department of English and Comparative Literature.  It offers undergraduate students the unique opportunity to focus specifically on the craft of dramatic writing and is designed for those considering writing careers in theatre, film, television or the web.



The MINOR is open to freshman and sophomore students.  Those interested in the program must have a 2.4 GPA or better, and have taken one of:  English 130 (Introduction to Fiction Writing), English 132H (Freshman Honors in Fiction Writing), Communication 330 (Introduction to Writing for Film and Television) or Drama 231 (Playwriting I).

English 130 is open to any student at the University.  English 132H is restricted to honor students.  COMM 330 gives preference to COMM majors, so instructor permission may be required to enroll.  Drama 231 requires permission from the department.

In certain instances the pre-requisite may be waived upon approval of the program’s director.



The submission package must include:

1) A cover letter, expressing the reasons for the student’s interest in the minor.  Please also include, as listed:

  • Student’s name
  • PID #
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Major/Minor
  • Intended year of graduation
  • Prerequisite status

2) A letter of recommendation from the student’s writing instructor.

3) One writing sample chosen from the following list….

  • A short story
  • The first chapter of a novel
  • A short screenplay
  • The first 25 pages of a feature-length screenplay
  • A one-act play
  • The first 25 pages of a full-length play
  • The first 25 pages of an original television pilot

Please email your cover letter & writing sample to: Writing for the Screen & Stage Director, Professor Dana Coen (rcoen@unc.edu).

Ask your writing instructor to email his/her recommendation DIRECTLY to Professor Coen.


All materials need to be submitted between February 1st and February 28th, 2016.

Applicants will be notified by March 27, 2016.



Fall Semester of JUNIOR (or SOPHOMORE) Year

COMM 131/DRAM 131: Introduction to Writing for the Screen and Stage

DRAM 120: Play Analysis

Spring Semester of JUNIOR (or SOPHOMORE) Year

COMM 430: History of American Screenwriting

COMM 433: Intermediate Screenwriting

Fall Semester of SENIOR (or JUNIOR) Year

COMM 537: Master Screenwriting




The following courses are recommended but are not required to complete the minor

DRAM 331: Playwriting II

COMM 535: Introduction to Film Adaptation

COMM 334: Writing the One-Hour TV Drama

DRAM 135: Acting for Non Majors

COMM 335: Film Story Analysis



For additional information, contact:

Professor Dana Coen (rcoen@unc.edu) (office: 204 Swain Hall)

Director, Writing for the Screen and Stage minor

Department of Communication, CB# 3285




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