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Marwood Group Internship:

At the Marwood Group, we have a structured internship program. We pick interns who have potential and show great aptitude for learning. Our summer program runs from the end of May through the first week in August and interns are given real work that helps the company move forward. The internship concludes with each intern making a presentation to their peers and senior management showcasing what they have learned and their overall experience.

Healthcare Advisory & Financial Services
Marwood Group was founded by John Moore (UNC ‘88) and Ted Kennedy, Jr. The Marwood Group is a healthcare advisory and financial services firm headquartered in New York City with offices in Washington, D.C. and London. Marwood Group has over 100 employees and advises institutional money managers on the regulatory and reimbursement environment in Washington, D.C., market trends and other factors that impact investing in the healthcare industry.

Marwood Group Research
Marwood Group Research focuses on tracking and analyzing regulatory and reimbursement catalysts impacting regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, energy and education for our mutual funds and hedge fund clients.

Marwood Group Advisory
Marwood Group Advisory provides strategic advisory services to private equity investors and corporate clients contemplating a merger or acquisition in the healthcare industry.

US Imaging
US Imaging, a subsidiary of the Marwood Group, is a national network of diagnostic imaging centers that helps employees save money on advanced radiology scans and provides them with a VIP concierge service at high quality facilities.

The Internship Experience
• Apply academic course work to a hands-on practical experience
• Problem-solve in a professional work environment
• Interact with senior executives on a regular basis
• Discuss current events and career goals with our Chairman/CEO and other senior managers and advisors
• Participate in a resume workshop
• Informative sightseeing trips in New York and Washington, D.C.

Executive Lunch & Learn Topics
• Learning the Issues
• Self-Analysis
• Analyze the Workplace
• Politics & Business
• Embracing Change
• Your Future

Please visit for more information on the summer internship program at Marwood.


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