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NYC skyline (for mentors program page)

UNC COMM / WSS grads intending on traveling to or living in New York City are encouraged to contact the UNC in NYC Media Mentors (est. 2015).

UNC in NYC Media Mentors (logo)

The UNC in NYC Media Mentors Program exists for the benefit of UNC students and alumni who are working in the arts & communications fields in New York City.  We have a core group of folks in fields from digital, sports media, advertising, theater, and film who are excited to pass along whatever knowledge we have garnered thus far to set bright minds apart from the rest.

As a team, we seek to build community, foster networking, ease the process of transition, provide professional guidance and counsel, when needed, and most imperatively, to Have Fun Together!  We like to have a good time so happy hours, BBQs, and brunches are always in the mix!

Through a series of events and get-togethers, we look forward to getting to know each of you, and to being a part of your journey in this crazy one-horse town.



Please visit our Facebook page for more information on the core team, upcoming events, and opportunities to get connected with UNC Alums in NYC.