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Carolina Production Guild (CPG) – Currently Inactive

The Carolina Production Guild’s mission is to provide the access and ability for the student organization to produce expressive and artistic short films. By empowering students with the knowledge of the process, techniques, and skills, needed to produce such films, we strive to promote creative expression and independent thought.

The Guild will achieve this mission by providing students with the equipment and product other wise unattainable for someone with no budget. By having access to readily available equipment and grants, the students will have the chance to begin their film. With organization, structure and the help of other Guild Members the students will have the ability to make their vision a reality.

The Guild offers professional guest speakers and production workshops, which include 16mm cinematography, lighting, and screenwriting.

At the CPG, you can receive instructional education in hands-on in 16mm and Super8. We work on character exposition to small scale animation, and each member has the opportunity to experience the responsibilities of the director, producer, writer, director of photography, and other crew positions. Members get to put to use the knowledge acquired via speakers and workshops. These projects have also paved the way for actors who have joined the guild to get acting experience in these frequent shorts.

Aside from regular programs, CPG funds 1professional 16mm shorts per semester. Through a process of a script screening, the project is selected to be filmed the next semester. Crewed by CPG members as well as outside professionals, the films completed are ordinarily send to various festival festivals throughout the country.

UNC Student Television
Carolina Union CB# 5210
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Telephone:(919) 962-4788

Student Television at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (STV) was formed in 1983 to give students hands-on experience in the field of video production.

Student Television is an entirely student-run television station, from the station manager who decides the vision for the organization to the member that cues up a tape for broadcast.

Every show on STV is entirely student-produced. Students fill all the roles that are present in any professional television production–writing, directing, acting, operating cameras, editing, recording sound, stage managing, and producing.

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