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Public release date: 12-Jun-2012

Contact: John Paul Gutierrez
International Communication Association

International Communication Association announces Fellows for 2012

Distinguished scholars Sandra Calvert, Don Ellis, John Hartley, Steven Jones, Dennis Mumby and Sandi Smith selected as ICA Fellows

Washington, D.C. (June12, 2012) – The International Communication Association (ICA) recently named six new Fellows at its 2012 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., USA. The 2012 Fellows include Sandra Calvert, Georgetown University; Donald Ellis, University of Hartford; John Hartley, Curtin University; Steven Jones, University of Illinois, Chicago; Dennis Mumby, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and Sandi Smith, Michigan State University.

Fellow status in ICA recognizes distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. The Fellows Nominating Committee considers applicants based on their documented record of scholarly achievement, service to ICA, and socially or professionally significant service to other publics such as business, government, and education.

Sandra Calvert is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Children’s Digital Media Center at Georgetown University. Calvert is prolific, multitalented, and one of the leading scholars of media and children in the world. She is a much-sought-after consultant for media programming. She has published on an extensive range of topics, including children’s attention to television, their learning of educational messages, their development as consumers, and their identity and language use in blogs.

Donald Ellis is Professor of Communication at the University of Hartford. Ellis has made and continues to make outstanding contributions to our understanding of the role communication plays in group processes and ethnopolitical conflict, has authored six books, and has received numerous faculty fellowships. He was editor of Communication Theory and served as an ICA Division chair.

John Hartley is Professor of Cultural Science and Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University in Australia. Hartley has had an extraordinary scholarly influence and productivity, he has published 20 books and more than 200 papers and book chapters, including the seminal, coauthored book Reading Television, a master-builder of successful institutions in the UK and in Australia, as well as founding and editing the International Journal of Cultural Studies.

Steven Jones is Distinguished Professor of Communication at University of Illinois, Chicago. Jones has been hugely influential in shaping the academic study of new media and the internet within the ICA and through forming the Association of Internet Researchers and editing New Media and Society. He has authored, edited, or co-edited 10 books and 150 chapters, articles and essays. He is grappling intellectually with the huge cultural changes taking place through new communication technologies. Steve Jones has a long record of contribution to ICA, including serving as theme chair for the 2011 conference.

Dennis Mumby is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Mumby has crafted a body of work that makes a sustained and broadly recognized contribution to communication with emphasis on organizational communication. He turned the field’s functionalist orientation on its head, questioned many of the sacred beliefs about organizational communication, and laid out the power of narratives and of hidden controls in our daily work lives.

Sandi Smith is Professor of Communication and Director of the Health and Risk Communication Center Michigan State University. Smith is widely known as a leading and prolific scholar blending interpersonal communication, persuasion, and media effects research. Her research is strongly rooted in societal problems, especially in the health domain. A recipient of the B. Aubrey Fisher and the Outstanding Health Communication Scholar awards, Smith is an outstanding mentor and teacher as well as scholar. She has chaired the ICA Interpersonal Division.


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