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Harvesting Pomegranate Dreams
A Process Series Production
8 PM, March 16 and 17
Historic Playmakers Theatre
FREE Admission

The Process Series looks at object theater. Please attend! Your opinion is the price of admission.

A cast of puppet dreamers emerge from within a veil and twist, turn and blow their way through ancient wisdoms on mothering, war, migration, birth and death in Tori Ralston and the Theater of Performing Objects’ Harvesting Pomegranate Dreams.

The title harkens to pomegranates as one of the world’s oldest known fruits and first found in ancient Persia and then grown through the world including India, China, southern Europe and the Americas and cited in many ancient texts such as the Book of Exodus and Homeric Hymns. Harvesting Pomegranate Dreams is a sequence of dreams and puppet tales inspired by lullabies, texts, and folktales from the lands of pomegranates. The final piece, which will be presented in 2013, will be a collection of vignettes, each performed with different styles of puppetry and with different visual aesthetics yet all emanating from the dream of a young girl.

Harvesting Pomegranate Dreams was envisioned by Tori Ralston and her Theater of Performing Objects, a puppetry and object theater company featuring all types of puppets, specializing in marionettes, shadow puppets and Bunraku.

As part of the Process Series, the audience is encouraged to stay after the performances for a discussion and participate in a dialogue with the creators as a way to assist in the development of this new work.

For more information, contact Joseph Megel, (919) 843-7067, or

A Process Series Development:

Harvesting Pomegranate Dreams is part of The Process Series which provides a positive atmosphere at UNC for artists who are in the throes of creating important new work and for students and the community to learn about the creative process. In a continuing effort to widen the discourse and share the experiences more broadly, all of the performances are free and open to the public.

The Process Series was founded by Joseph Megel, an instructor in UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Communication Studies, who has spent the last 20 years focusing on the direction and development of new works for theatre, film and video. The Process Series is dedicated to the development of new and significant works in the performing arts and features professionally mounted developmental performances of new works in progress. The mission of the series is to illuminate the ways in which artistic ideas take form, to follow artists and performers as they explore and discover and to examine the unique creative process for each artist presented. For more information, please visit

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