The Black Pioneers Project

The Process Series: Spoken Justice presents: The Black Pioneers Project


Writing for the Screen & Stage Presents:


The UNC Writing for the Screen and Stage Program presents the sixth annual Long Story Shorts One Act Play Festival on November 18th and November 19th at 8:00 p.m. in the Kenan Theatre.

Eight short plays written by members of the WSS Minor’s graduating class will be presented as staged readings by a company of actors.

The playwrights are Alex Baker, Ashton Carrick, Wesley Darling, Anna Hughes, Firas Quran, Casey Moore, Sophia Oliverio and Morgan Swift.

This event, now a staple of the program, allows the playwrights the opportunity see their plays performed as well as participate in a process rarely experienced on their level; a developmental and collaborative environment led by experienced faculty and working professionals.

Department of Communication Presents:

A colloquium that will explore a community based movement with hunger for food justice. Dr. Garrett M. Broad of Fordham University will present from his book More than Just Food: Food Justice and Community Change how a community can respond to the hunger problems within our society.


Moving Through Cuba

The first performance of The Swain Studio Six Performance Series premieres this Thursday, September 29th at 5:30 p.m. The performance is entitled Moving Through Cuba by Marie Eszenyi, who writes that the performance “is designed to move audiences through five different spaces as ethnographic researchers. When audiences come to the show, they will be guided through each moment of travel, settling, reflection, and departure so that they can consider how ethnographers move through spaces that are not their own.”



The Color of Courage

The Color of Courage is a two-man dramatic celebration of Black Union Soldiers in the Civil War, wherein Sonny Kelly, a second year Department of Communication PhD student, is one of the two men performing. The performance will be held at the Stone Center on Thursday, November 10th in honor of Veterans Day. Mark your calendars for a unique, powerful, thought provoking, endearing, and challenging experience!


Your Desires in Fragments

The second performance of the Process Series: Spoken Justice, “Your Desires in Fragments,” will be performed on Friday and Saturday, October 14th and 15th.


Unraveling Beethoven: Beyond the Canon

The 2016-2017 Process Series presents Spoken Justice. First performance of the series premieres this Friday and Saturday, September 30th and October 1st.


The Swain Studio Six Performance Series

The Department of Communication presents: The Swain Studio Six Performance Series. These six unique performances will begin at 8:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. The Sunday matinee performances will begin at 2:00 p.m.


UNC’s “Spotlights” features Northside Neighborhood & the Jackson Center for Saving and Making History

Jackson Center photo (2016)


Professor Della Pollock, the Jackson Center for Saving and Making History, and the Northside Neighborhood of Chapel Hill were featured in the UNC Spotlights — “Northside’s Future Takes Shape” (May 23, 2016; originally printed in April’s University Gazette; written by Patty Courtright)

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For a 2013 piece about Professor Pollock’s work in the classroom and the community, see here.

In the news — “The Color of Courage”

ColorofCourage (actor still)

photo: Mitch Capel (L), Sonny Kelly (R)

The News & Observer

Actors bring Civil War stories to life

At the end of their performance, Capel and Kelly stripped off their soldier’s jackets and stood as the students and staff members who’d crowded into the long, narrow room applauded. No one seemed to mind when questions and answers ran over, making lunch a little late.  A student asked how the men made it so real.  {excerpt}

To read the full article and see the accompanying slide-show, visit here.
To see clips of Kelly and Capel in action, visit here.
ColorofCourage (Mar8 2016)(castphoto)

photo: S. Kelly (L), M. Capel (R)

COMM Ph.D. student, Sonny Kelly, has received the UNC Performing Arts Special Activities Fund grant in support of his project with Mitch Capel entitled, The Color of Courage, a celebration of the legacy of African American soldiers who fought in the Union Army during the Civil War.