Swain Multimedia Facilities and Equipment for Media Studies and Production in the Department of Communication Studies

Media Production focuses on the making and use of media in contemporary culture, coupling research studies with laboratory research and production skills. We have experienced a steady growth in the number students serviced, as well as quality and quantity of work produced. Our program is actively reaching out through the community, creating links of theory, practice and through new and rejuvenated programs such as linkage with local NBC affiliate, UNC-TV, Full Frame, Hollywood internship, and Department of Radio, Television and Motion Pictures (RTVMP) alum.

Through careful and steady growth in the past 15 years, the production concentration operates with a stable infrastructure with regards to support and equipment. The production concentration continues to offer quality instruction in lab-based learning and through research opportunities. Classes tend to be small and hands-on, 14 to 16 students with 2 students per computer and of course, a 1:16, professor:student ratio.

In addition to our Cinema focus, we have a New Media track w/in media production. The New Media track is designed for students interested in the computer as a humanistic or artistic medium. Students develop both creative and critical approaches through a cross-disciplinary curriculum. The new track was developed in cooperation with the new Computer Science (CS) BA degree and the new School of Information and Library Science (SILS) undergraduate curriculum. Students in the New Media Track take both CS and SILS courses.

Within the Media Production concentration you can expect to couple writing skills with production skills to produce a well rounded and potentially powerful portfolio with which to enter the marketplace or further your academic career.

The Communication Studies media production facilities are housed in Swain Hall and comprised of the following:

1152 sq. ft. auditorium, with HD projection capabilities and a seating capacity of 115.
Two large studios, one 2080 sq. ft. with a 385 sq. ft green screen, a voice-over booth, sound gobos, and an attached 256 sq. ft. sound conditioned, advanced HD color correction screening room which also serves as a surround sound authoring audio studio/control room. The second large room, 1152 sq. ft, serves as lab space for our New Media Track with a HoloPro projection panel, Ubisense – Real-Time Location system, project/soldering stations, HD projection system, and gaming PC and consoles for Game Design courses.
We are offering courses in Video and Audio production, Compositing, Experimental video, Narrative, Documentary, New Media, Audio, Interactive, Game design, 3-D and 2-D Animation and do so from a 24/7 access Mac-based lab comprised of 40+ workstations running the Master Collection suite of Adobe products, Unity, Pro Tools, and Reason.
A sound conditioned audio room on the second floor houses a voice over booth and Pro Tools workstation with MIDI interface.
Six satellite office rooms on the second floor offer a total of 13 Mac Pros for advanced student work, as well as two instructional spaces one 340 sq. ft. and one, on the first floor, 360 sq. ft., each outfitted with overhead HD projection and audio, and each with 8 Mac Pro workstations.

Our equipment room houses many great production toys such as a GlideCam, doorway dolly, spider dolly, fig-rigs, jib, drone, full lighting selection, fixed focal length lens selection, and a collection of Pro-sumer level HD cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark II and III, Canon XF200, Canon C-100, Panasonic HPX170 and HVX200, BlackMagic Cine camera, and Panasonic’s AG-DVX200. Additionally, a robust selection of microphones and recording/mixing equipment is available.

The department also offers a minor in Screenwriting – An intense exposure to the art of writing for the screen and stage piloted and run by writers from the industry who have moved back to the UNC community.

The Hollywood internship is one of several internship opportunities that capitalize on the comradeship generated through Carolina and its alums. This opportunity, in specific, places students in Hollywood internships in their senior year and situates those students in the Hollywood experience with a support structure.

The strength of the program hinges on the liberal arts armature of the College. The diversity of courses and exposure to opportunities coupled with the production instruction and projects will prepare you to solve problems and assertively enter the workplace or advanced degree programs post graduation.