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REMINDER: Internship Applications requesting to receive credit from a summer internship MUST be submitted BEFORE JUNE 1!

Company/Organization Name

Triangle J Council of Governments

Internship Title

Content Creation Intern

Internship Duration

3 months

Internship Description

This internship will provide the selected student the opportunity to assist a growing organization build out a documented marketing and content creation strategy that incorporates blog posts, social media, and multimedia (videos, podcasts). The intern will work directly with the Engagement Specialist at Triangle J, who is responsible for all branding, content creation, internal and external communications, and marketing for the organization. Together, the intern and Engagement Specialist will work to finalize a strategy that also identifies target audience, key performance indicators, and the process for content creation/approval within the organization.

Supervisor / Hire Name

Alana Keegan

Supervisor / Hire Email

Supervisor / Hire Phone Number


Application Deadline

July 1, 2019

Application Process

August 1, 2019

Internship Type