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The UNC Hollywood Internship Program is an industry immersion experience offered by the Department of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences each summer. Working at internships at production companies, agencies, studios and related businesses, students apply lessons learned in the classroom lecture component of UNC Hollywood while gaining practical skills and learning about careers in the entertainment industry.

The work and study opportunity provides students with exposure to renowned producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers and agents, as well as hands-on opportunities at state-of-the-art technical facilities.

Watch our “Hollywood Heels” video for an up-close look at the UNC Hollywood intern experience.

Summer 2015 intern Jennifer Bryson worked at Division Camera. She’s an aspiring director of photography.

Our program began with a handful of interns in 1992, and since then, more than 300 Carolina students have come to Los Angeles to discover their place in the entertainment industry. They have attended lectures by many luminaries in the business and learned about all aspects of film and television production–from editing to production design, directing to acting to distribution, and development to music composition to talent management. The opportunity to get the BIG picture from successful Hollywood icons and to understand how various elements of the business come together to make the final product is invaluable.

Since 1994, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has supported the program with more than $200,000 in grants (which go directly to intern scholarships) and in-kind donations. In a city where the internship opportunities may seem most competitive for students from local schools like USC and UCLA, UNC-Chapel Hill has been consistently recognized by the academy for the quality of our internship program.

2014 interns

Thanks to the program’s longevity, many of our former interns are now hosts to current interns. Networking through the program has provided career guidance and oftentimes employment. After 27 years, the program continues to thrive, sending around 20 students each year to fulfill lifelong goals. In 2019 the internship was founded, and leadership for the program is Director Dayci Brookshire. Assistant Directors are Kristopher Wile and Max Carraher.

To this day, through UNC-Hollywood, lives have been changed and continue to be changed. Art is being created and important stories are being told.

Read more about the Hollywood Internship Program in Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Special support is provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Gifts from private donors, including generous alumni, friends and family, also help make UNC Hollywood possible—providing support for internships, faculty and educational programming. Make a gift.

My time in UNC’s Hollywood Internship Program was instrumental in my career as a filmmaker. 18 years later and I have just finished directing my 2nd feature action film
for NETFLIX, after a long career in stunts, stunt coordinating and action directing.
I am thankful for the opportunities provided to me by my time spent in the Hollywood Internship program.
– Sam Hargrave, ’04   

I was part of the UNC Hollywood Internship class of 2007. The experience was invaluable to me. I have been a self-sufficient and successful independent producer since that time.
– Andrew Carlberg, ’07

Thanks to the UNC-Hollywood program, I was placed as an intern at the company for which I am still working. I love my job. I get to produce films and documentaries that I really care about. I am forever grateful to the program for helping me make the transition from my studies at UNC to the career I now have in the industry.
– Katie McNeil, ’08
Former intern and current mentor/intern preceptor

In a town that’s all about experience and who you know, the UNC Hollywood Internship Program is extremely helpful and important to any Tar Heel who dreams of making it in Hollywood.
– Cole Hammack, ’12

Without the Hollywood Internship Program I do not think I would be where I am today nor would I be surrounded by the amazing community I have in Los Angeles.
– Rebecca Burnett, ’14

HIP intro pack

hollywood unc stilts

HIP intro pack

Getting Credit for Your Internship

Once you’re accepted into the program, you are required to take two courses in the 2nd Summer Session for this internship. The first course is COMM 690, Special Topics in Media Studies, for three credit hours. The second course is COMM 393, Internship, for three credit hours.  You will be registered for these courses by the Department of Communication Registrar during the registration period for Summer School.  You will also need to apply for Summer School financial aid, should you need assistance with paying tuition and/or living expenses.


Since you will be taking these courses as part of the program, you will need to postpone graduation from May until August.  If you have applied to graduate in the spring, you will need to withdraw your name through Academic Advising once you have been confirmed as being selected into the program. (You will still be able to walk in both the University and departmental commencement ceremonies in the spring, but your official graduation will not be until August.)


We strongly encourage interns to live together during the Summer. Housing can be found through AirBnB, west side and various other avenues.

Once accepted, students will be given more information regarding where to live.


You will need a car to get around in L.A. Students usually drive a car there, often sharing expenses and carpooling.  You might plan on taking your own vehicle, renting a car or carpooling with a fellow intern working close to your internship.

Health Insurance

Since you will be enrolled for six credit hours, you will likely be covered by UNC student health insurance.  Make sure you check to see if it will continue over the summer.

Liability Insurance

You will be required to have UNC liability insurance, which is usually $20-25 per intern for the entire summer. This insurance protects you, your internship employer and the University. Please do not confuse this with medical health insurance, which will need to be your own coverage plan.

The application process for summer 2022 internships has begun. Please note that you will need to use your UNC email/UNC portal to access the video. Please also note that the program offers priority to Seniors, but Juniors may apply.

Interns 2015The Hollywood Internship Program is open only to Communication majors and WSS minors. To apply, please follow the Resume-Template. Resumes are limited to one page, so condense your experiences/education into a concise document. Resumes should be written with the goal of working at a company rather than simply getting into the internship program. They should fill the page.

No high school experience should be on your resume unless you worked or performed on a feature film or network television series. For faculty references, you will not need letters of recommendation; simply include the names of Department of Communication faculty who are most familiar with your work or with whom you’ve had recent class experience. The application deadline for the summer 2023 internship is October 24, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

NEW this year! Submit an ONLINE APPLICATION via the portal below. After your submission, follow the instructions on the application confirmation page to sign up for a 10 minute interview with Interim Hollywood Internship Program Director, Dayci Brookshire. Interview dates – TBA

Internships take place with companies doing business in the most competitive arena in the world: the entertainment industry. These companies are not in the business to teach. You have to learn on the run and by osmosis! While in the program, you will work firsthand with those doing the job you are interested in pursuing, find out where your interests really lie and learn what it takes to succeed.

Applicants should be aware that once they are accepted into the program, the students work alongside Dayci Brookshire to secure internships. The process does not result in automatic internship placement.

The typical length of internship is determined to some extent by the student, but the time frame is June to August. Many students have used the program’s networking opportunities and class information to score a job in the industry after their internship ended.

Past internships have included placement at:

  • Universal Studios
  • Paramount Studios
  • Warner Brothers Studio
  • Lion’s Gate Studio
  • Marvel Studios
  • NBC network
  • CBS network
  • USA network
  • Nickelodeon
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV show)
  • King of the Hill (TV show)


Application deadline:  October 24,  2022 at 11:59 pm  |  Interview Dates TBA: Week of  November 7th


Hollywood Internship Application

Application for the Hollywood Internship Program
Do you have everything? For this application, you will need to upload (Word or PDF format) a resume, personal statement, faculty reference page, and financial statement (optional). Sample documents can be found on, Apply page. The application deadline for the summer 2023 internship is October 24, 2022 at 11:59 pm.
Interviews will be during the week of Nov. 7th. TBA via email notification

Personal Information

Please enter a number from 000000000 to 999999999.
Local Address(Required)
Permanent Address(Required)
Emergency Contact(Required)
Emergency Contact's Address(Required)
List your relevant social media handles
Social Media Handles

Relavant Course Information

List all course work relevant to the internship. Provide course title, number, and instructor.


Describe what your internship preferences are as specifically as possible (e.g. producing, directing, director of photography, agent/manager, editing, screenwriting, acting.)
Discuss in detail your skills and experience that are relevant to your preferred type of internship.
Describe your intended or long-term career goals as completely and concisely as possible.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
A sample personal statement can be found on the HIP Apply page.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
A sample resume can be found on the HIP Apply page.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
A sample reference page can be found on, HIP Apply page.

Financial Questions

Participant Funding(Required)
Would you be able to fully fund your participation in the internship, should you be chosen?
If you answered no to the above question, please indicate the sources from which you expect to receive specific amounts of funding.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
If you are expecting to receive other funding or financial aid please submit a financial statement (it is optional). Often there is scholarship/grant money available based on need. If you wish to be considered, please submit a financial statement, which should be a brief narrative describing your financial situation. An example statement is posted on, Apply page. **The Financial Statement will have no impact on the selection of interns.**

Next Steps

Other Internships
Are you actively seeking other internship opportunities?
I certify that the above information is complete and true, to the best of my knowledge and ability.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Interviews will be scheduled the week of Nov. 7th via email notice. NOTE: If you are selected to participate in the program, and for any reason you are unable to participate, you are to notify the program director immediately.