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Course Information

The Undergraduate Bulletin houses descriptions of all of the courses offered by the department. To look at the courses that are being taught in a given semester, please use the Class Search feature on Connect Carolina or see the Registrar’s Directory of Classes for the entire University.

When looking at course listings and descriptions, please pay close attention to the prerequisite and major requirements, if applicable. The class notes section on the course listing on Connect Carolina often also contains important information about potential restrictions and special enrollment procedures.


Registration Information

Before the registration period begins, be sure to review the Registration Guide and other registration information found on the Registrar’s website. Please see the Registrar’s Calendar for the specific registration dates for a given semester.


Two-Week “Majors-Only” Restrictions for COMM Classes

Unless otherwise noted, the majority of COMM classes will be restricted to COMM majors only for the first two weeks of registration. COMM majors who have difficulty registering for classes during this time should contact the department registrar. Students from outside the department who are required to take a COMM course for their major should also contact the department registrar. All students are permitted to sign up for the wait-list during the first two weeks of registration if they are unable to enroll in a course.


Instructor Permission (for COMM classes only)

Permission from the instructor is required in the following situations:

  • Enrolling in a course without having taken the prerequisite
  • Enrolling in a course without also taking the co-requisite
  • Enrolling in a course without meeting the major restriction
  • Enrolling in a course that requires instructor or department consent
  • Enrolling in a closed/full class
  • Enrolling in a course after the Online Registration Period has ended

To obtain permission, students need to contact the instructor directly. Instructors may be faculty members or graduate students. If the course listing says “Staff,” the instructor has not been assigned yet. The department will update the listing as soon as teaching assignments are confirmed, so continue to monitor Connect Carolina.

Email is often the best and most efficient way to reach the instructor. When sending an email to the instructor, please include your full name, PID, year in school, and reason for wanting to enroll, as well as the course number and section number. Students are also welcome to attend the first class meeting or visit the instructor during his/her office hours.

If you receive permission from the instructor via e-mail, please forward the instructor’s message to the undergraduate registrar, Jonah Hodge (, with your PID number so you can be enrolled. If you receive permission from the instructor in person, the instructor will need to give you a signed note to bring to 115 Bingham Hall for registration.

These instructions are for COMM courses only.  If you are interested in a course outside of the COMM department, please contact the registrar/student services manger in the department that is offering the class.


Waived Prerequisites

In some cases, the instructor will decide to waive the prerequisite for a course in a specific semester. Waived prerequisites are noted on the class details page on Connect Carolina. Directions on how to enroll in the course without the prerequisite will also be included in the class notes section. Please always provide your PID when requesting to enroll in a course without the prerequisite.


Carolina Courses Online (CCO)

Courses with section numbers in the 900s are online courses offered through the Friday Center. Students cannot enroll in online courses via Connect Carolina, and students will need permission from the Friday Center.  For more information about Carolina Courses Online and for instructions on how to enroll, please visit their website.  Starting Fall 2014, full-time UNC students no longer pay extra tuition for taking a CCO course.



Feel free to contact the department’s Undergraduate Registrar, Jonah Hodge, at or 919-962-4985 if you have any difficulties with registration or any questions about enrolling in COMM courses.