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Media Production Resources off the UNC Campus

Places to take classes, work on media production projects
* The Empowerment Project
* The Center for Documentary Studies
* Freewater Productions
* Piedmont Community College – Film and Video Production Technology Program

The Empowerment Project
The Empowerment Project provides facilities, training and other support for independent producers, artists, activists and organizations working in video and other electronic media. Its purpose is to work towards democratizing access to the media, and to provide the resources necessary to put the power of media in the hands of individuals and organizations working to further important human purposes.

P.O. Box 2155
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

The Center for Documentary Studies
The Center for Documentary Studies, an interdisciplinary educational organization affiliated with Duke University, is dedicated to advancing documentary work that combines experience and creativity with education and community life. Founded in 1989, CDS connects the arts and humanities to fieldwork, drawing upon photography, filmmaking, oral history, folklore, and writing as catalysts for education and change. CDS supports the active examination of contemporary society, the recognition of collaboration as central to documentary work, and the presentation of experiences that heighten our historical and cultural awareness. CDS achieves this work through academic courses, research, oral history and other fieldwork, gallery and traveling exhibitions, annual awards, book publishing, radio, community-based projects, and public events.

1317 W. Pettigrew Street
Durham, NC 27707
Telephone:(919) 660-3663

Freewater Productions

Freewater Productions is dedicated to the production of short Super 8 and 16mm films. All styles and genres are encouraged. We operate as a cooperative, and everyone gets the opportunity to learn any part of the filmmaking process, from writing to shooting to editing, through a series of workshops led by members of the committee. Freewater Productions is an entirely student-run group, not affiliated with any University academic department. No previous experience is necessary. Freewater films are shown to the public at the end of each academic year at our annual screening in Griffith Film Theater (in conjunction with the Duke Program in Film and Video screening).

Piedmont Community College – Film and Video Production Technology Program
Piedmont Community College offers courses in film and video production and in digital effects and animation.

The Film and Video Production Technology Program:
The Film and Video Production Technology curriculum is a two year program leading to an Associate of Science degree. The program prepares students for entry-level employment in production support and selected technical areas of film, video and associated media production. Instruction provides training for entry-level crew production and post-production assistants.

Email for Film and Video Production Technology:
Michael Corbett:

Digital Effects and Animation Technology (DEAT) Program:
DEAT students become proficient at using the most popular computer programs in the media production world. Classes are taught in PCC’s Center for Digital Media which houses advanced software and hardware for the latest digital effects and animation.

PO. Box 1150
331 Piedmont Drive
Yanceyville, NC 27379-1150
Telephone:(336) 694-5707

Email for Digital Effects and Animation Technology:
Paula Hindman:

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