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 Michael Acosta Curriculum Vitae
Renee Alexander Craft

  • Critical/performance ethnography
  • Performance and activism
  • Race, ethnicity, and performance
  • Black Diaspora literature, cultural nationalisms, and performance
  • US Black and Postcolonial Feminist thought
Curriculum Vitae
 V. William (Bill) Balthrop

  • Rhetorical theory and criticism
  • Studies in public memory
  • Argumentation studies
Curriculum Vitae
 Carole Blair

  • Rhetorical theory and criticism
  • Rhetorics of space/place
  • Critical theory
  • Public memory
Curriculum Vitae
 Bill Brown
 Dana Coen (Director, WSS minor) 

  • Screenwriting/playwriting disciplines
  • Film story analysis
  • History of American screenwriting
  • Working screenwriter
Curriculum Vitae
 Howard Craft
 Josh Dasal
 Cori E. Dauber Curriculum Vitae
 Sarah Dempsey

  • Work, Labor & Collectivity
  • Nonprofit & Community-based Organizing
  • Coalitions & Community Engagement
  • Development, Globalization & Social Change
  • Food Politics
Curriculum Vitae
 Paul Ferguson Curriculum Vitae
 Lawrence Grossberg

  • Cultural studies
  • Continental philosophy and cultural theory
  • Political culture, including the new conservatism and coountercultures
  • Rethinking economics within cultural studies
Curriculum Vitae
Julia Haslett

  • Documentary film production and theory
  • The essay film, first person cinema, and archival and found footage filmmaking
  • Documentary ethics and the politics of attention
  • Hybrid forms
Curriculum Vitae
 Kristin Hondros
Lecturer and Department Advisor
 Christian O. Lundberg Curriculum Vitae
 Steve May

  • Critical organization studies
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Organizational ethics
  • Work and identity
Curriculum Vitae
China Medel Curriculum Vitae
 Joseph Megel Curriculum Vitae
Torin Monahan

  • Surveillance Studies
  • Science & Technology Studies
  • Design & Innovation
  • Qualitative Methods
Curriculum Vitae
 Dennis Mumby

  • Critical organization studies
  • Workplace control and resistance
  • Gender and work
Curriculum Vitae
 Stephen C. Neigher

  • Television and Film
  • Dialogue
  • Essence of Comedy
  • Contemporary Culture
  • List making
Curriculum Vitae
Michael Palm

  • Technology and everyday life
  • Politics and economics of media culture
  • Telecommunications history
  • Work, labor and consumption studies
Curriculum Vitae
 Patricia Parker

  • Difference, Power, and Organizational Studies
  • Social Justice Leadership/ Organizing Traditions in Black Freedom Struggles
  • Youth Activism/Girls and Women’s Leadership
  • Critical Pedagogy/Decolonizing Research Methods
  • Group Facilitation and Collaborative Process
Curriculum Vitae
 Tony Perucci

  • Performance Theory and Practice
  • Activist Performance, Art as Social Practice, Social Movements
  • Avant-Garde Performance and Experimental Theatre
  • Cultural Studies
Curriculum Vitae
 Della Pollock

  • Performance theory, methods, events
  • Critical cultural studies
  • Body politics
  • Memory, remembering, oral history performance
  • Creative community development and performance for justice
Curriculum Vitae
 Edward Rankus

  • Experimental, Avant Garde Video & Film Production.
  • Compositing, Motion Graphics, Special Effects.
  • Formalism, Structuralist Film Making.
  • Surrealism.
  • Video in Live Performance (a new interest.)
Curriculum Vitae
 Joyce Rudinsky 

  • New Media Artist
  • Installation, game engine as medium, interaction design
  • Cultural critique, game studies, technology studies
Curriculum Vitae
 Kumi Silva

  • Identity and Identification
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Global Media
  • Postcolonial and Transnational Studies
  • Popular and Consumer Culture
Curriculum Vitae
 Katie Striley

  • Social rejection and exclusive communication
  • Ostracism
  • The social construction of systems of exclusion
  •  Inclusive communication (i.e. dialogue, deliberation, and conflict management)
  • Communications role in enabling and constraining our sense of the possible
  • Discourse analysis
  • Risk communication
 Curriculum Vitae
Neal Thomas

  • Algorithmic culture
  • Media and technology studies
  • Continental philosophy
  • Rationality and rationalization
Curriculum Vitae
Michael S. Waltman

  • Hate Speech
  • Persuasion and Social Influence
  • Persuasion and Collective Memory
  • Anti-Hate Discourse
  • Right Wing Political Communication
Curriculum Vitae
 Eric King Watts

  • Voice
  • African American Culture
  • Aesthetics
Curriculum Vitae

Adjunct Professors

Robert C. Allen – American Studies
Gregory Flaxman – English & Comparative Literature
Mark Katz -Music
Federico Luisetti – Romance Languges
John McGowan – English & Comparative Literature
Christopher Nelson – Anthropology
John Pickles – Geography
Jack Richman – Social Work
Barry Saunders – Social Medicine
Rachel Schaevitz – Humanities & Human Values
Randall Styers – Religious Studies

Visiting Lecturers

 Dana Marks
 Elisabeth Corley

Professors Emeriti

Robbie Cox Curriculum Vitae
Ken Hillis
Gorham Kindem Curriculum Vitae
Beverly Long Curriculum Vitae
Lawrence B. Rosenfeld Curriculum Vitae
David Sontag
 Francesca Talenti Curriculum Vitae
Julia T. Wood
Lineberger Professor of Humanities Emerita
Curriculum Vitae