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Graduate Teaching Fellow

Office: 307 Bynum Hall
Office Hours: By appointment






B.A., Africa & African Diaspora Studies and History, University of Texas at Austin

M.A., Communication Studies, Baylor University


Amrut received his Bachelor’s degree in Africa & African Diaspora Studies and History from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 and his Master in Communication Studies from Baylor University in 2018. He is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication and a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies certificate program.

Research Interests:

Amrut teaches and researches in the areas of rhetoric and cultural studies, with an underlying focus on transnational feminist practice. In particular, his research pursues the interventions of contemporary textile artists who stage the colonial histories of fabric and fashion through installation art. Broadly interested in how the circulation of fabrics—between colony and metropole—aesthetically anchor investments in empire, his research historicizes the seventeenth and eighteenth century sensibilities of the colonial project. Looking to installation artists such as Renée Green and Yinka Shonibare, Amrut’s research meditates on the capacity of textile art to re-calibrate and re-articulate the tropes of empire.