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Area of Study: Media and Technology Studies

Office: 308 Bingham Hall
Office Hours: By appointment
Curriculum Vitae



Torin Monahan is a Professor of Communication at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With training in science and technology studies, Monahan is an accomplished interdisciplinary scholar whose work appears in top journals across multiple fields. He has published over fifty articles or book chapters and six books, including Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity, which won the Surveillance Studies Book Prize of the Surveillance Studies Network. Monahan is Co-Director of the international Surveillance Studies Network and Editor-in-Chief of the leading academic journal on surveillance, Surveillance & Society.

Research Interests

Monahan’s research focuses on institutional transformations with new technologies, with a particular emphasis on surveillance and security programs. Areas of expertise include science and technology studies, surveillance studies, visual culture, ethnography, and contemporary social and cultural theory. He is currently working on a book project investigating artistic responses to public surveillance.

Recent Publications

Monahan, T. 2018. Ways of Being Seen: Surveillance Art and the Interpellation of Viewing Subjects. Cultural Studies 32 (4): 560-581.  mcxc

Monahan, T. & Murakami Wood, D. (eds.) (2018). Surveillance Studies: A Reader. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Monahan, T. 2017. Regulating Belonging: Surveillance, Inequality, and the Cultural Production of Abjection. Journal of Cultural Economy 10 (2): 191-206.

Monahan, T. 2016. Built to Lie: Investigating Technologies of Deception, Surveillance, and Control. The Information Society 32 (4): 229-240.

Monahan, T. & Fisher, J.A. 2015. ‘I’m Still a Hustler’: Entrepreneurial Responses to Precarity by Participants in Phase I Clinical Trials. Economy and Society 44 (4): 545-566.