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We are pleased to announce the Class of 2023 Doctors of Philosophy in Communication and Master in Cultural Studies.


Shanice Cameron, PhD

Locating the Everyday: Black Women, Well-Being, and Digital Media

Pat Parker, Advisor


Kiara Childs, PhD

Black Women’s Digital Feminism and Self-Advocacy: A Cross-Platform Analysis of Black Women’s Beauty Culture

Renee Alexander Craft, Advisor


Daniel Dilliplane, PhD

Collective Embodiment and Communal Feeling: A Critical Somatics Approach to Performance for Social Change

China Medel, Advisor


Amrut Mishra, PhD

Weaving Against Empire: Warped Feminism, Aesthetics, and the Archives of Fabric and Textile Art

Kumi Silva, Advisor


Jessica Noe, PhD

Baked In – Women’s Role in Curating and Creating Family Memory through Culinary Performance

Renee Alexander Craft, Advisor


Kevin Pabst, PhD

Genre in Crisis, Crisis as Genre: Disruptions and Constructions in Contemporary Bodies of Popular Music

Michael Palm, Advisor


Elaine Schnabel, PhD

Communicating Hierarchies of Belonging through Space and Property: A Critical-Qualitative Organizational Communication Study of Christian Place-Making in the United States

Sarah Dempsey, Advisor


Kayla Corbin, Master’s Certificate in Cultural Studies

Kumi Silva, Advisor


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