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Company/Organization Name
Southend Financial, LLC
Internship Title
Social Media Accelerator Project
Internship Duration
16 weeks
Internship Description
“Goal: Grow the social media presence of Southend Financial or Ricky Mortgage to include Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Utilize company CRM’s to automate postings to hit during the times for maximum impact. This will increase the leads generated though social media and enable you create ad campaigns with the maximum impact per dollar spent. You will do this through creating & editing reels/ posts, keeping up with trending hashtags, media and sounds. Developing a reel/ post cadence for impact based on your learnings and ensuring all posts have a call to action. Results will be tracked based on followers gained, content posted (likes and views), use of tools and leads generated.

Position will be in person one or two days per week and the remaining weekly hours completed remotely.”

Supervisor / Hire Name
Ricky Peters
Supervisor / Hire Email
Supervisor / Hire Phone Number
Application Deadline
open until filled
Application Process
Email Ricky Peters with a brief description on expertise of the subject and why you are the best fit.
Internship Type
Paid and Unpaid Options Available
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