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Company/Organization Name
Versa Communications
Internship Title
Production Assistants for Bollywood Movie
Internship Duration
1 month
Internship Description

We are looking for Production Assistants, to assist our director (coming from Bollywood) in a movie we are filming in Raleigh, NC, specifically for audio recording, cooperating with the production crew in preparing the set, directing actors around the production set, gathering supplies for use during filming, etc.

We plan on filming April 10-30th and students will be able to work around their class schedules.

The film is about a boy who is forced to move to USA to get medical help due to a rare disorder that slowly turns him deaf. He eventually follows, what seems like a meteor falling from the sky, into the woods. He eventually finds the glowing stone in the woods and notices as he gets closer, he slowly gets his hearing back. He picks up the stone and becomes overwhelmed with his newly found super hearing capabilities. This stone gives him the power to be able to hear things from miles away and eventually seeks guidance on how to control this power. As the story progresses, he is eventually met with two antagonists (think the two bad guys from home alone) that steal the stone from him and that eventually leads to a comical climax of the movie.

Supervisor / Hire Name
Sheeraz Balushi
Supervisor / Hire Email
Supervisor / Hire Phone Number
Application Deadline
March 30, 2023. Further opportunities potentially available.
Application Process
Contact Sheeraz Balushi via email and we will provide the necessary forms/documentation to fill out!
Internship Type
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