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Company/Organization Name
Sonark Media Inc
Internship Title
Audio/Video Production
Internship Duration
Full Year Availability
Internship Description
We are looking for UNC students that are motivated to learn and develop skills by working at a startup audio video media production facility. We offer full audio video services such as; audio recording, mixing and mastering, live and remote recording and production, all post production audio services including full Atmos mixing in our Dolby certified Atmos mix room, video production services and live video production services. Further, we have a platform called Pie that allows us to stream audio visual content via our app called Pie.
As an intern, you will participate in all aspects of our offerings, going from helping to produce video content to assisting with recording sessions. We also need help with our business and marketing plans and are looking for eager interns that can help produce content for social media, promo clips and all kinds of unique content to promote our businesses.
Supervisor / Hire Name
Steven Raets
Supervisor / Hire Email
Supervisor / Hire Phone Number
Application Deadline
Application Process
Interview Online
Internship Type
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