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Company/Organization Name
The ArtsCenter
Internship Title
Social Media Intern
Internship Duration
Summer 2023
Internship Description
The ArtsCenter is a 501(c)(3) Arts Education non-profit located in Carrboro, North Carolina which offers classes, performances, and art exhibits all year round. The ArtsCenter facilities include a 250-seat theater, classrooms and studios, a 100-seat performance space, and an art gallery. The ArtsCenter is the single largest employer of artists in Orange County and serves more than 35,000 students and citizens throughout the area.
•The most beneficial skills for The ArtsCenter social media intern should be strong writing and communication skills, the ability to perform meticulous tasks, as well as an eye for design
•Strong interest in social media and content creation
•Excellent written and organizational skills
•Comfortable with phone or DSLR photography
•Experience with the graphic design platform Canva (samples will be requested)
•Professional experience with marketing on major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn)
•Strong interest in issues impacting the arts and arts education
•Comfort with communicating (telephone, video, and email)
•Excellent customer engagement and service skills
•Skilled in research for social media
•Strong organizational skills
•The ideal marketing candidate can manage priorities among many different tasks and projects, be creative in their work, and have an earnest interest in working with a close team
•This potion will report to the Director of Marketing throughout its duration
•The ArtsCenter’s overarching goal is to enlist and mobilize 1 million arts advocates as members
•Manage social media outlets, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
•Create a social media calendar and tactical plan to increase engagement throughout the contract
•Brainstorm ideas to increase social media following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
•Research other social media outlets for The ArtsCenter to use
•Create engaging social media posts, blogs, pictures, or videos
•Update the department weekly on the increase in followers and other metrics
•Help create graphics for social media
•Conduct research for the organization
•Outreach and develop relationships with local art and patron communities
•DEI, Field Research, Social Media Expansion, etc
Our Values and Culture
The ArtsCenter is a workplace where professionalism merges with creativity. Our mission is to create and maintain an environment where artists, art lovers and enthusiasts can bring their confidence, skills, and knowledge to build a community where kids and adults can respectfully engage in artistic exploration.
The ArtsCenter believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our mission of educating and inspiring artistic creativity to enrich the lives of all people. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion through our focused, long-term efforts to ensure equity guides our policies, practices, and procedures. This commitment extends to our programming, allocation of funds, marketing, recruitment, and partnerships. We feel that in making this commitment, all artists will thrive and our community will flourish.
Supervisor / Hire Name
Lynn Lee
Supervisor / Hire Email
Supervisor / Hire Phone Number
Application Deadline
Application Process
Internship Type
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