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Dear alums, parents, and friends of the Department of Communication,

We ask your assistance helping our graduate students during this difficult time. They are a crucial part of our department and contribute greatly to our vibrant intellectual culture. Unfortunately, graduate students in the arts and humanities receive low stipends that are often supplemented through summer work and grants. Due to the pandemic, many of these opportunities have disappeared. As a result, the department has created a Graduate Student Assistance Fund which will support research and living expenses for graduate students this summer. This Fund is made up of travel and research money donated by faculty and any donations we receive from the community. 100% of the Fund will go to graduate students.

To donate, our Venmo ID is @unccommgradfund. You can donate directly through the app.

Or use this link to make a tax-deductible donation directly to the department (choose “Graduate Student Research and Academic Support Fund, 106157”)

Thank you much for your support.


The Department of Communication

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