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Monahan NCA journal June2015

In opening, Monahan states:

With growing concern about proliferating surveillance, a number of artists have created fashionable ways to hide from the camera’s gaze. These include designs such as irregular face paint and hairstyles, creepy-looking masks, and reflective underwear. The problem with such symbolic plays of avoidance is that they fail to challenge discriminatory uses of surveillance.    (to read the full article, go here)



Communication Currents (a publication of the National Communication Association)

Volume 10, Issue 3 – June 2015

“Resisting Surveillance Through Art” by Torin Monahan, Ph.D.

translated from the scholarly article: Monahan, T. (2015). The right to hide? Anti-surveillance camouflage and the aestheticization of resistance. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 12,159-178.

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