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Communication Studies Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Tony Perucci, was interviewed in May 2014 by Andrew Barbero.  This interview was published in the January 2015 issue of the journal Peace & Change.



“On May 2, 2014, I (Barbero) conducted a wide-ranging interview with Tony Perucci, who delivered the keynote presentation, “The Complex and the Rupture: Paul Robeson and Cold War Performance Culture,” at the Peace History Society’s 2013 conference. Our conversation went well beyond recapping Perucci’s intriguing analysis of Robeson’s theatrical “performances”, to taking an in-depth look at Robeson as an agent of peace- and justice-making within the “Cold War Performance Complex.” In addition, Perucci describes how political theater interrupts systems of hegemonic power, and he offers reflections from his own experiences as a performer, director, writer, and academic on the transformational potential of strategically rendered activist art and rigorous, engaged scholarship.”


read the interview here (website format) or here (PDF)

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