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UNC’s screenwriting minor celebrates its 10th year

By: John Daniels

CHAPEL HILL — Colin Hodges, a senior advertising major at UNC-Chapel Hill, enrolled in the “writing for the screen and stage” minor during his sophomore year.

“I think it’s great. I’ve loved every single class that I’ve taken in it. The people you meet in there, it’s just a room full of creative people and that’s just awesome,” said Hodges.

This fall, the program is celebrating its tenth year.

Director of the minor and professor Dana Coen says he looks forward to bringing in the new class to the program this fall.

“I’m excited. The students seem to be more qualified as the years go on and as they become more and more aware of the program,” said Coen.

Coen says many of the program’s graduates over the years work for large-scale productions, like Sci-Fi’s “Haven.”

“They want to be screenwriters. But they’ve settled in nicely. And I’m really pleased,” said Coen.

The minor has inspired Hodges to change his career plans.

“I’ve fallen in love with screenwriting and that was sophomore year, and now I’m going to go for it as a career,” said Hodges.

Coen says he wants the minor to grow into a major one day.

“I think the more visibility the program has, the larger the footprint and the attention we bring to the program and the success of its students, I think the better chance we have of doing that,” said Coen.

Until then, the minor will be preparing graduates to go into screenwriting.

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