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F to M to Octopus by Sam Peterson

  • A Girl? A Boy? A Sex Change? A Remarkable and “Unexpected Journey”
    Feb. 15 & 16 at 8 pm
    Swain Hall, Studio 6 Theater
    Free and Open to the Public
    (Donations Accepted)
    A part of The Process Series, New Works in DevelopmentPress Release Below:CHAPEL HILL – It was only last year that Sam Peterson’s autobiographical show F to M to Octopus became the critically acclaimed, theater-filling entry for the Solo Fest 2012 project and was named one of the best original new scripts in 2012 by the Indy Week.A veteran performance artist and former tattooist, Peterson has used his poetry and performance to explore his quixotic relationship with his body and gender and the natural world. Peterson brings the manifestation of that exploration back to Chapel Hill for two nights, beginning February 15.

    After writing, performing and teaching feminist spoken word on both coasts, Peterson moved to Chapel Hill to attend UNC. A series of catastrophes followed: heartbreak, death and loss nearly derailed Peterson’s plans for a new start, until being prompted by a friend led him to work with UNC professor Joseph Megel. Now, the show returns following a weeklong residency at New York City’s 3-Legged Dog Theater, a studio well-known for providing a venue that features cutting-edge digital performance works.

    Joining Peterson’s team is nationally renowned digital designer Jared Mezzocchi of 3-Legged Dog Theater. “I’m always trying to find ways that video can become more alive in the space and breathe with the storytelling,” Mezzocchi said. “The world that Sam’s work conjures becomes a rich landscape for projections design. … We really began to explore the visual landscape of Sam’s vision and I think truly embody his “trans-journey.”

    Peterson emphasized that the fluidity — or lack thereof — within his journey was key to expressing it, but the important elements lie in his various communities that have helped carry him through this venture.

    Megel, founder of the Process Series, notes, “The fact that this work started in a performance studies class at UNC and has grown and soared to become such an exquisite and sought after new performance piece — a totally original expression of a life experience like no other you have ever seen. This is what the Process Series thrives on, emerging new works of art that are totally transformative.”

    About the Process Series
    The Process Series was founded by Joseph Megel, an instructor at UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Communication Studies, who has spent the last 20 years focusing on the direction and development of new and significant works for theater, film and video. The Process Series features professionally mounted developmental performances of new works in progress. The mission of the series is to illuminate the ways in which artistic ideas take form, to follow artists and performers as they explore and discover, and to examine the unique creative process for each artist presented. The series is co-sponsored by Carolina Performing Arts and the Department of Communication Studies.

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