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The Media and Technology Studies and Production area in the Department of Communication Studies proudly announces an open house on Thursday, September 27 form 4:00 – 5:30 to kickoff the New Media Lab in 115A Swain.

As a research and teaching lab, the space will serve the New Media Track and the capstone course.

The New Media Track is designed for students interested in the computer as a humanistic or artistic medium. Students develop both creative and critical approaches through a cross-disciplinary curriculum. The new track was developed in cooperation with the new Computer Science (CS) BA degree and the new School of Information and Library Science (SILS) undergraduate curriculum. Students in the New Media Track take both CS and SILS courses.

A key component of the new track is a capstone course where students in the track work with students from CS and SILS on a yearlong, collaborative, interdisciplinary project. Research teams will be formed between scholars, artists, students, and technologists. Research conducted will include experimental digital art, information art, and game design. The goal will be to both enhance and extend scholarly inquiry through collaboration and technology.

Currently, equipment for experimental use in the lab includes:

Game stations: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (with Kinect)

Holopanel screen

Video projectors

Ubisense system (for spatial tracking)

Electronic stations with sensors

The lab will maintain a shared repository of all technical processes developed. Each project builds on the technical advances of previous projects.



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