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Only A Moment

Greg Carter, Marc Russo and Francesca Talenti

with Margo Jordan and Ryan Grady
July 5 – 12, 2012

Only A Moment opens today, Thursday, July 5 at The Carrack Modern Art. The exhibit is on display through July 12. Gallery hours during Only A Momentare 12:00 – 6:00 weekdays and 2:00 – 7:00 Saturday and Sunday. The Carrack is located at 111 West Parrish Street in downtown Durham, NC.  Please join us for a public reception this Friday, July 6, 2012 from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.  The reception will include new work by Greg Carter and Francesca Talenti, Marc Russo’s Four Horsemen, previously displayed at CAM Raleigh, and a one-night-only screening of a collaborative piece by Greg Carter and Marc Russo.  Refreshments will be provided.
Only A Moment features multimedia work by three local artists, Greg Carter, Marc Russo and Francesca Talenti, in their first collaborative exhibit. Aptly named Only A Moment, this site-specific installation focuses on the ephemeral nature of video art and its use to create a view into the otherworldly, as well as recreate the imagery of the this-worldly.Sculptor, illustrator and arts instructor, Greg Carter, presents a host of new, brightly painted, mixed media sculptures. This magical assembly of creatures comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny figures that can fit into the palm of your hand to looming totems. Each character is constructed from a wide array of found objects and has its own story to tell. Marc Russo animated some of those stories in a collaborative piece that will only be screened during the reception. The video, completed with the help of students Margo Jordan and Ryan Grady, begins to create a narrative for Greg Carter’s characters in the gallery in which they all cross paths, interact and connect with one another.Marc Russo’s four-screen video installation, Four Horsemen, is also at the Carrack. His Four Horsemen, Silence, Decay, Consumption and Death, play out the age-old story of the Apocalypse through modern technology. The videos are comprised of a sporadic, unpredictable arrangement of images and audio that provides a unique and fleeting experience for each viewer. Marc Russo is a local filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Art+Design at North Carolina State University.
Filmmaker and UNC professor Francesca Talenti has three new video installations at the Carrack. Her piece Sink and Swim projects imagery from an early scientific film onto a temporary surface made of flour. Animations created with digitized images of the female body from the Visible Human Project are set to music with In Paradisium, from Faure’s Requiem in her piece Pantry Ghost. A Bride For All Seasons tells a mysterious story of a bride in four parts – Spring/Air, Summer/Water, Fall/Fire, Winter/Earth. The video plays out in the center of a decadent wedding cake with the groom as the audience.
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