Course and Registration Information

For general registration information for Fall 2010 term, please see the following web page link offered by the registrar’s office:

For ALL COMM courses listed with the notes “Controlled Enrollment: See department,” “Permission required” or a footnote of “1″ online registration is NOT AVAILABLE and you will need to obtain the instructor’s permission to enroll. Please look at the course description to see if there are special procedures for enrolling in that course, and when you contact the instructor be sure to give your full name, PID number, year in school and reason for wanting to enroll in the course. If you receive permission from the instructor via e-mail, please forward the instructor’s message to Student Services Manager, Elizabeth Thomas ( with your PID number so you can be enrolled. If you receive permission from the instructor in person, the instructor will need to give you a signed note to bring to the Student Services Manager in Bingham Hall for registration.

Once a COMM course becomes full, a block will be placed on that course, and you must contact the instructor for permission to enroll. This means that even if students choose to drop from a class and spaces become available, the online registration system will not allow anyone to register for these COMM courses. Those open slots will be given to students from the waitlist of the course instructor. Instructors may be faculty members or graduate students.

You are allowed to take a Special Topics Course more than once as long as you have not taken the specific topic before (see course section title to be sure that is indeed a different course in the course directory before enrolling). Please remember that the course numbers have changed for all courses at UNC. As of Fall 2006, lower-level undergraduate courses are defined as courses with numbers 001-399. Upper-level undergraduate courses are those with numbers 400-699. Courses with numbers 700 or above are graduate courses.

For more information on the current semester course offerings, visit the Registrar’s Office webpage at