About ScreenArts

ScreenArts is a student run, media-related event series that operates out of  The Department of Communication at UNC.  It was set up to function as one of the programming arms of the  Communication – Graduate Student Association.

ScreenArts both creates its own programming and is rapidly becoming a centralized organization on the Chapel Hill campus.  In the latter capacity, ScreenArts helps to fund, publicize, and execute events that originate elsewhere on campus by working in tandem with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni and the public.

Overall, ScreenArts thus provides a diverse variety of screenings, exhibits, campus visits, talks, symposia, and so forth. These are designed to be of interest to the university as a whole as well as the Triangle community—by addressing some of the many, many different audiences which make up both with each individual event.

Mailing Address:
ScreenArts Film and Media Series
Interdisciplinary Program in Cinema
CB #3285,115 Bingham Hall
Dept of Communication
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3285


Ian Murphy

George Sheer

303 Bingham Hall
Comm Graduate Student Offices