Principles of Community


Department of Communication Studies: Principles of Community


The Department of Communication Studies is committed to producing a working environment built upon the following principles.  Each person—faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduates—is expected to enact fully these principles, and to participate in the community imagined here.  Both individually and collectively, we are committed to:

1. a safe environment for diversity of all sorts;

2. a supportive environment for a plurality of opinions without fear of retaliation or intimidation;

3. a nurturing  environment in which all members can be fully flourishing participants within the responsibilities of their positions;

4. a fair environment in which labor and responsibility are equitably distributed;

5.  a communal environment in which people are willing to put their responsibility to the community above pure self-interest, and to engage with each other, intellectually and professionally;

6. a transparent community, both between and among faculty, staff and students, in which people interact on the bases of trust, respect, confidentiality, self-reflexivity and accountability;

7.  a civil environment in which people have the courage to state their opinions, the wisdom to accept disagreement without attributing negative motives or meanings, and the commitment to accept majority decisions;

8.  a responsive community that practices forgiveness;

9.  a community that values and fosters excellence.





Adopted,  12/8/11