Associate Professor
Media and Cultural Studies
201A Bingham Hall
Curriculum Vitae

BA, Northwestern University; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD, University of Southern California. Media and Cultural Studies. Dr. Richard Cante is Associate Professor of Media and Technology Studies in The Department of Communication at UNC-CH. Cante’s research focuses largely on relations between sexuality and the media in the United States since the late 1960s, as well as questions about how to make sense of these connections. His current work investigates the status of media objects – from film to the Internet and social media – as historical documents of otherwise obscure aspects of gay male HIV and AIDS, and of a cluster of dilemmas involving gay men’s health more generally. A graduate of Northwestern (BS), UNC-Chapel Hill (MA), and The School of Cinematic Arts at The University of Southern California (PhD), Cante’s Sexuality Studies courses include “Freud,” “Pornography and Culture,” and “Sexuality and Visual Culture.”

Current Research: Looks at the cultural re-mapping of relations between ethics, aesthetics and politics since the mid-1990s, with particular attention to the complicated involvement of the media.