Performance and Cultural Studies
212 Bingham Hall
Curriculum Vitae

B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. Northwestern University. Performance Studies. My research has developed around questions central to understanding the politics of performance, including:  How do staged events articulate and distribute power?  What are the biopolitics of everyday representation?  What does or might the performance of memory lend to the formation of new political aggregates?  What happens to given subjectivities and cultural narratives in and through performance?

Current Research: I am currently working on two manuscript projects.  The first, Visiting Pain, is an intimate ethnography of living with chronic or traumatic pain.  Based on informal interview-conversations, it investigates assumptions about the incommunicability of pain, practices of “masquerade,” and possibilities for tactical remembering.  The second project, Fragments from a Performance Movement, documents a long term partnership with a local African-American church that has evolved into a multi-faceted drama of social change.  The manuscript reflects on the power of performance to catalyze community action, to engage difference across multiple borders, and to articulate history and change, spiritual tradition and claims for equity in/as public pedagogies.