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 V. William (Bill) Balthrop

  • Rhetorical theory and criticism
  • Studies in public memory
  • Argumentation studies
Curriculum Vitae  vwb@email.unc.edu
 Carole Blair

  • Rhetorical theory and criticism
  • Rhetorics of space/place
  • Critical theory
  • Public memory
Curriculum Vitae  cblair1@email.unc.edu
 Richard C. Cante Curriculum Vitae  rcante@email.unc.edu
 Dana Coen (Director, WSS minor) 

  • Screenwriting/playwriting disciplines
  • Film story analysis
  • History of American screenwriting
  • Working screenwriter
Curriculum Vitae  rcoen@email.unc.edu
 Renee Alexander Craft

  • Critical/performance ethnography
  • Performance and activism
  • Race, ethnicity, and performance
  • Black Diaspora literature, cultural nationalisms, and performance
  • US Black and Postcolonial Feminist thought
Curriculum Vitae renee.alexander.craft@unc.edu
 Cori E. Dauber Curriculum Vitae  cdauber@email.unc.edu
 Sarah Dempsey

  • Work, Labor & Collectivity
  • Nonprofit & Community-based Organizing
  • Coalitions & Community Engagement
  • Development, Globalization & Social Change
  • Food Politics
Curriculum Vitae  sedempse@email.unc.edu
 Paul Ferguson Curriculum Vitae  pferguso@email.unc.edu
 Lawrence Grossberg

  • Cultural studies
  • Continental philosophy and cultural theory
  • Political culture, including the new conservatism and coountercultures
  • Rethinking economics within cultural studies
Curriculum Vitae  docrock@email.unc.edu
 Madeleine Grumet

  • Performance Studies
  • Feminist Theory
  • Politics and culture of Pedagogy
  • Arts in Education
Curriculum Vitae  grumet@unc.edu
Julia Haslett

  • Documentary film production and theory
  • The essay film, first person cinema, and archival and found footage filmmaking
  • Documentary ethics and the politics of attention
  • Hybrid forms
Curriculum Vitae jhaslett@unc.edu
 Ken Hillis

  • Media and technology studies
  • Identity and representation
  • Space and place
  • Film noir and science fiction
Kristin Hondros
Lecturer and Department Advisor
 Christian O. Lundberg Curriculum Vitae  clundber@email.unc.edu
 Steve May

  • Critical organization studies
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Organizational ethics
  • Work and identity
Curriculum Vitae  skmay@email.unc.edu
China Medel Curriculum Vitae chinam@email.unc.edu
 Joseph Megel Curriculum Vitae  megel@email.unc.edu
Torin Monahan

  • Surveillance Studies
  • Science & Technology Studies
  • Design & Innovation
  • Qualitative Methods
Curriculum Vitae  torin.monahan@unc.edu
 Dennis Mumby

  • Critical organization studies
  • Workplace control and resistance
  • Gender and work
Curriculum Vitae mumby@email.unc.edu
 Stephen C. Neigher

  • Television and Film
  • Dialogue
  • Essence of Comedy
  • Contemporary Culture
  • List making
Curriculum Vitae  neigher@email.unc.edu
Michael Palm

  • Technology and everyday life
  • Politics and economics of media culture
  • Telecommunications history
  • Work, labor and consumption studies
Curriculum Vitae  mpalm@email.unc.edu
 Patricia Parker

  • Critical Organizational Studies
  • Social Justice Leadership
  • University-Community Engaged Scholarship
  • Youth Activism/Girls and Women’s Empowerment
  • Critical Pedagogy/Decolonizing Research Methods
  • Group Facilitation and Collaborative Process**
Curriculum Vitae  psparker@email.unc.edu
 Tony Perucci

  • Performance Theory and Practice
  • Activist Performance, Art as Social Practice, Social Movements
  • Avant-Garde Performance and Experimental Theatre
  • Cultural Studies
Curriculum Vitae  perucci@unc.edu
 Della Pollock

  • Performance theory, methods, events
  • Critical cultural studies
  • Body politics
  • Memory, remembering, oral history performance
  • Creative community development and performance for justice
Curriculum Vitae  pollock@email.unc.edu
 Edward Rankus

  • Experimental, Avant Garde Video & Film Production.
  • Compositing, Motion Graphics, Special Effects.
  • Formalism, Structuralist Film Making.
  • Surrealism.
  • Video in Live Performance (a new interest.)
Curriculum Vitae  rankus@email.unc.edu
 Lawrence B. Rosenfeld

  • Communication in interpersonal relationships
  • Research ethics
  • Helping families and children manage the effects of disasters
  • Interpersonal relationships in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Curriculum Vitae  lbr@unc.edu
 Joyce Rudinsky 

  • New Media Artist
  • Installation, game engine as medium, interaction design
  • Cultural critique, game studies, technology studies
Curriculum Vitae  jrudinsk@email.unc.edu
 Sarah Sharma

  • Critical cultural approaches to technology
  • Media theory
  • Temporality
  • Space
  • Biopolitics/Biopower
Curriculum Vitae  srsharma@email.unc.edu
 Kumi Silva

  • Identity and Identification
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Global Media
  • Postcolonial and Transnational Studies
  • Popular and Consumer Culture
Curriculum Vitae  kumi@email.unc.edu
Katie Striley

  • Social rejection and exclusive communication
  • Ostracism
  • The social construction of systems of exclusion
  •  Inclusive communication (i.e. dialogue, deliberation, and conflict management)
  • Communications role in enabling and constraining our sense of the possible
  • Discourse analysis
  • Risk communication
 Curriculum Vitae   kstriley@unc.edu
 Francesca Talenti 

  • Animation
  • Live-action and experimental film
  • Video design for theater
  • Installation
Curriculum Vitae  talenti@email.unc.edu
Neal Thomas

  • Algorithmic culture
  • Media and technology studies
  • Continental philosophy
  • Rationality and rationalization
Curriculum Vitae ngthomas@email.unc.edu
Michael S. Waltman

  • Hate Speech
  • Persuasion and Social Influence
  • Persuasion and Collective Memory
  • Anti-Hate Discourse
  • Right Wing Political Communication
Curriculum Vitae waltmanm@email.unc.edu
 Eric King Watts

  • Voice
  • African American Culture
  • Aesthetics
Curriculum Vitae  ekwatts@email.unc.edu

Adjunct Professors

Robert C. Allen – American Studies
Gregory Flaxman – English & Comparative Literature
Mark Katz -Music mkatz@email.unc.edu
Federico Luisetti – Romance Languges luisetti@email.unc.edu
John McGowan – English & Comparative Literature
Christopher Nelson – Anthropology
John Pickles – Geography jpickles@email.unc.edu
Jack Richman – Social Work jrichman@email.unc.edu
Barry Saunders – Social Medicine
Randall Styers – Religious Studies rstyers@unc.edu

Visiting Lecturers


Joy Goodwin goodwinj@email.unc.edu
Geoge Jenne
Scott Myers Curriculum Vitae sbmyers@email.unc.edu
Angeline Shaka ashaka@email.unc.edu

Professors Emeriti

Robbie Cox Curriculum Vitae rcox1@live.unc.edu
Gorham Kindem Curriculum Vitae kindemg@email.unc.edu
Beverly Long Curriculum Vitae longchapin@mac.com
David Sontag
Julia T. Wood, Lineberger Professor of Humanities Emerita Curriculum Vitae jwood1@email.unc.edu