Professor Joseph Megel & “The Black Pioneer Project”

Performance Studies professor Joseph Megel traveled to London the week of November 14th to participate in USA Week 2016 at King’s College London. Described in an article published November 23 by King’s College London News, USA week is a celebration of “our engagement with United States.” The week concluded with a “riveting reading of ‘The Black Pioneers of UNC-Chapel Hill’, a play written by Joseph Megel that describes the experience of UNC’s first black students.” Professor Raphael Woolf of King’s College London Department of Philosophy stated “the collaboration between distinguished director Joseph Megel from UNC and a group of committed performers from the King’s Players Society provided a fitting illustration of the partnership between our institutions and brought alive a history that we still have much to learn from.” Read more about King’s College London USA Week 2016 here.

The Black Pioneers Project debuted on UNC Chapel Hill campus November 5th and 6th at The Sonja Haynes Stone Center. The performance dramatized the oral histories of UNC’s courageous first African American students.